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            Wholesale Firewood




                                            AUSTRALIA WIDE

DRY                                                  VINTAGE

SPLIT                           FIREWOOD              SUSTAINABLE

SEASONED                                       CERTIFIED


1. Ironbark And Box (Sourced at our QLD sites) this product is available in block or split. Minimum order is B-Double load.

Premium Seasoned Hardwood Fire Wood

This product is marketed by many as , vintage Ironbark. Vintage Hardwoods, or just "Ironbark"

2. Northern Hardwood Mix is an amazing combination of hardwood sourced from the Mid North Coast NSW through Forestry and private logging contractors. 100% sustainable product. Some retailers market this as Ironbark blended as more than 70% of the mix is Red and Grey Ironbark.

Please note! This is not some crappy sawmill offcut or a product that has come from a sawmill. Products that tend to come from sawmills continue to disappoint the public. Sawmills specialize in milled timber and not firewood. Sawmills generally produce odd lengths that tend to be way to big in size.

3. Kiln dried products. All of our kiln dried products are packaged or in bulka bags. This is a premium product ideal for nurseries as they can be loaded and unloaded via fork lift.